Chapter 1 continued…

15 Jul

So, I’ve always been big on electronic music. Progressive trance, house, electro, french house, electronica, indie-dance – so i’ll be posting some of my current faves, some classics, new tracks to watch out for and all that shabang.

I love my pop too, I like to credit producers and writers rather than always bigging up the bands and artists. If you see a piece of art in a gallery, you credit the artist and not the gallery right? It’s ironic that sometimes the ‘artist’ is purely portraying the work of the producer/songwriter.

So I’m big on Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Dr Luke and MNEK. These guys have written and produced for singers like Jessie J, Katy Perry, One Direction and Cher Lloyd. The latter, MNEK, he’s so sick! 17 yr old who i’ve been following (in non-rapey non-stalker way) for a while now and he’s written and produced for The Saturdays, The Wanted and Misha B!


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