Hello World

15 Jul

Wow. It’s been almost 3 months since I actually signed up to WordPress and set this pretty little blog up. & to think I was contemplating spending big bucks to get someone to design me one. LOL

Anyway, seeming as I love giving my opinion on so much music, new bands and singers, labels and music business stuff, but no-one to tell them to apart from my 90 or so Twitter followers, I thought I’d get on this and hope the World will listen to me, disagree with me, send me abuse/stroke my ego or hey! maybe i might even get offered a job off the back of this thing (as I currently sell my soul for a slightly-more-than-basic salary in a poxy office job where I carry out meaningless work – my WORST nightmare has come true).

So here, you’ll find me nattering of all things music, music business, the odd non-music thing possibly, music stuff that I’m doing (I also manage a friend who’s a singer). I’m 25, have done some work experience in the music industry before where I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie Goulding when she was an unknown doing small gigs in pubs. Knew she was going to be massive even then – are you hearing me, A&R Departments?!

In danger of dragging this on, new post….


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